Black Bear Skin Rugs

The North American Black Bear. Shockingly common in rural, mainly northern areas. This is truly an amazing creature. Many people take this animal for granted and do not take the time to take a step back and appreciate them for what they are worth. Having one of these amazing rugs humbles you to your own physical limitations and amazes you with every glance. An omnivore, (eats flora and fauna) the Black Bear eats virtually whatever it finds. While living in Montana I had a Black Bear not once but twice break into my downstairs garage and steal my garbage for a midnight snack. The hides are ultra-thick to provide extreme protection from both rival predators and fierce mother nature.
Grizzly Rugs. com is your source for high quality bear skin rugs from North America, Canada and Alaska. We take pride in offering only the best in bear skin rugs from black bear skin rugs, brown bear skin rugs, grizzly bear skin rugs, and kodiak bear skin rugs that have been legally and ethically harvested or obtained from estate sales and trophy collections. If you`re looking for a bear skin or rug for your study, den, lodge or just for in front of the fire place for that romantic evening, Grizzly rugs. com can direct you to the the right bear rug that fits your taste, budget, size and needs.

Accept nothing less than expert craftmanship, our suppliers and taxidermists are seasoned professionals and take pride in their work and end product, many are award winning in their field and will not compromise their work, all of our bear skin rugs are lined with heavy double felt with all claws, teeth and competition eyes and expertly mounted. Most people think of a bear rug and think grizzly bear or kodiak bear when they are thinking bear skin rugs and this is an excellent choice if its within your budget, however black bear skin rugs and brown bear skin rugs make great choices for the consumer with a moderate budget.

Also offered at Grizzly Rugs. com that teams nicely with your new bear skin rug are our timber wolf rugs, canadian lynx rugs, elk hides, winter buffalo hides and Finland reindeer hides. Feel free to call directly for any information or questions that you may browse our unique site for all of your bear skin rug needs!

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